Lesson Pack 1



  • 5 Instructional Fiddle Videos (Beginner)
  • Additional curriculum and links to additional resources


Each of the first five lessons in this course teach one of the rhythms that I consider to be the foundational rhythms that are heard over and over again in Old Time music. Each tune uses only one rhythm allowing you to focus on that rhythm and not confuse it with another one.  Everything you learn from here on out will be some variation of these five rhythms plus the variations you will learn in future lessons. The goal is to build your muscle memory until these rhythms become embodied knowledge.  This is the ideal place to start your fiddling journey.

Included in this lesson pack are:

  • 5 Instructional Fiddle Videos (Beginner)
  • Additional curriculum and links to additional resources

Tunes included in this Lesson Pack are:

  1. Give me a chaw of Tobacco (included in the free sample pack)
  2. Old Corn Liquor 
  3. Sail Away Ladies
  4. Jenny run away in the mud in the night 
  5. Rabbit where’s your mammy

Each video has a progression:

  • The tune played up to speed to give you a sense of where you are headed.
  • The bowing explained with mnemonics to remember the bowing.
  • The tune plucked out to focus on finding the correct melody notes.
  • The tune played at slow tempo.
  • The tune played at medium tempo.
  • Any additional aspects of the melody or rhythm to focus on and any variations.

The tunes are arranged in a very conscious order of complexity. I encourage you to go in order because what you learn in the beginner lessons will be the backbone of what you learn in the intermediate and advanced lessons.

What it really comes down to is that Bowing is half of old time music but most people focus so much on melody that they end up only playing half of the music they are hearing. The majority of people that come to me share the same goal: they want to jam with others. And I have found that rhythm is the number one aspect of fiddling that keeps them from fitting in and getting invited into to jam sessions. Let’s change that! Bowing is not rocket science but it does take patience and focus. And, I am here to help you figure it out.

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