“When I stepped into my first fiddle lesson with Michael, I had no idea that I’d go home that night and be able to play a tune. He is patient, intentional, and thoughtful. His approach to teaching bowing is exactly the foundation needed not only to learn his curriculum, but also to pursue further self guided exploration. He is an excellent fiddle teacher, and I’d recommend him to anyone!.”- Shane

Private Fiddle Lessons

Instructor Michael Ismerio teaching how to play old time music on fiddle

Do you want individualized support on your fiddling journey? Teaching fiddle has been my passion for 15 years and counting. I teach students all over the world through online fiddle lessons, as well as in person in Asheville, NC.

Private lessons allow me to assess your exact skill level, patterns, strengths, and challenges. I’ll give you honest and encouraging feedback that will have you jamming with other musicians in no time. By working together, we’ll build your skill and confidence until you’re not just ready for each new challenge, but excited to take it on.

My goal is not just to teach you to do what I do, but to show you how to become a passionate lifelong learner of old-time music. By working with me, you’ll expand your ideas of what you’re capable of, gain a deep understanding of old-time fiddling, and see yourself as a true musician.

In-person lessons in Asheville, NC

Want to immerse yourself in old-time fiddling and in the mountains that inspired those traditions? In-person lessons could be perfect for you.

In-person lessons give us a chance to sync up and get in the groove of playing together. They allow us more capacity to witness the subtleties of body movement, foot tapping, pressure, tone, posture, breath… all the things that are harder to see online.

If you live near Asheville, we can set up regular one-hour lessons. If you visit the area, we can set up multi-hour intensives to fit your schedule and to maximize our time together.

Ready to dive in? Let’s make music together.

Lessons are $90 for the first lesson, and $60 thereafter. For the subsequent lessons, save $40 and pre-pay four lessons for $200.

I can teach at at my home in Weaverville, my teaching space in East Asheville at Haw Creek Commons, or online via Zoom.

To get started with private lessons, please purchase your lessons with this form or send me an email with any questions to michael.ismerio@gmail.com.

I also recommend that students read these guides How to Use the Video Lessons and Preparing for Your First Private Lesson.

Online Private Lessons Using Zoom

I created my fiddle videos to make it easier to teach online lessons. Everything that you need to see and hear is professionally filmed, edited, and ready for you to view.

Private lessons give you all the benefits of individualized guidance and feedback, and you also receive the video tutorials for the tunes you’re learning at no additional cost.

Instead of using your valuable lesson time to learn and memorize a tune, you can play and replay the video tutorial to help you practice, build your memory, and let what you learn sink in. This allows us to spend our time together fine-tuning your fiddling and answering the many questions that will come up for you.

How my online lessons work:

  • I give you access to the video that you are ready for.
  • You use the video to learn the bowing, melody, how they fit together, and to help you practice.
  • You make a short video of yourself playing the tune… then watch your video and see if you notice any mistakes.
  • If you are able, you re-record the video and make improvements before sending me your final video.
  • In our Zoom lesson, I watch your video and give you feedback, answer your questions, ask you questions, and guide you toward your next steps.

This system is working beautifully for my online students. They’ve been amazed at how much they learn, and how quickly they progress, when they can see themselves play.

Want to try a lesson? I have a wide availability of weekday teaching slots. My evening and weekend availability is limited—if that’s what suits you best, reach out today to reserve a spot.

Private Student Facebook Group

Learn with peers — Build community — Share the joy of music

Becoming a musician doesn’t have to be a solitary journey! How much more fun will fiddling be when you can celebrate successes and navigate roadblocks with others who are walking the same path?

When you enroll in my online programs or sign up for private lessons, you gain access to an exclusive online group for my Art of Bowing fiddle students.

In this private Facebook group, you can ask questions, post videos of yourself playing, engage with other students, and share your progress and challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

This group allows me to answer individuals’ questions in a forum where everyone can benefit from the answers. You’ll also get input and encouragement from your fellow learners… and you may see chances to support someone else’s learning journey.

If you want to experience the ease and connection of joining a community of budding musicians—and to feel the excitement of realizing you’ve progressed far enough to help others—then try a lesson or check out some videos  to find out how peer support can help you take your learning to the next level.

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