I am many things: musician, craftsperson, dance facilitator, teacher,
community organizer, nature lover, wanderer, mentor, friend, human…

In a world that pressures us to specialize I strive to grow wider,
constantly embracing curiosity, always learning.
My goal is to inspire and motivate.
What I do anyone can do.
What I do, I teach.  What I teach, I love.  What I love, I share.

–Michael Ismerio


Access over 40 instructional fiddle videos that focus on the mysteries of bowing and rhythm.


Learn the art of leather shoe making.  Two styles to choose from.  Infinite variations within.  Classes in Asheville, NC and beyond.


Deep Nature Connection aims to reconnect youth and adults to our rightful place in the natural world.


When i stepped into my first fiddle lesson with Michael, i had no idea that I’d go home that night and be able to play a tune. He is patient, intentional, and thoughtful. His approach to teaching bowing is exactly the foundation needed to not only learn his curriculum, but also to pursue further self guided exploration. He is an excellent fiddle teacher, and I’d recommend him to anyone!.

Shane, Fiddle Student

Michael was the perfect teacher for me, laid back but highly organized, encouraging and directing at the same time and created a relaxing and open learning environment. I loved learning to make shoes in this class. .

Charron , Shoe Student

Michael’s classes and lessons have been life-changing for me. He introduced me to old-time fiddling and broke down the intricate rhythmic bowing patterns which are so essential to getting the correct sound. It provided me with the foundation I needed to be able to jam. He makes it very easy to learn!.

Julie, Fiddle Student

I participated in one of Michael’s Turnshoe classes and had a blast making what’s likely the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. As a teacher, Michael was incredibly well-prepared for class with example shoes to drool over; materials, photos and printed instructions for making my own shoes; and step-by-step, hand-holding instructions that left no doubt about what to do next. My shoes are a joy to wear, and they elicit compliments even from total strangers when I wear them around town. I’m saving up for my next pair! .

Bari, Shoe Student

Michael provides a warm, safe, non-threatening environment and his flexibility allows me to drive my own learning direction and pace. If you’re on the fence about learning the fiddle, Michael is the guy to help you do it . Take the leap. You’ll love it!.

Meg, Fiddle Student

I was so impressed with the shear volume of information and how clearly his instructions were given. Michael’s Shoe-Making Class is an ideal way to learn and master new skills in a short time..

Miriam, Shoe Student


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