I have been busy recently with shoe making.  I just finished this pair of leather bottom dance shoes; my first time having really nice dance shoes.

I made this pair in the workshop of another Asheville shoe maker named Jessica Brommer.  These shoes were made using a wooden last; a different process than what I normally use and one that allowed me to be much more nit-picky than I usually am.  Jessica makes some fancy shoes. You can check out her work here.

I also taught two really fun group classes.  One was at the John C. Campbell Folk School in the far western corner of North Carolina. The folk school is one of my favorite places to teach and to learn.  It’s great place for a focused learning environment.

The other class was right up the road from my home at the Firefly Earthskills Gathering.  The community around firefly is quickly becoming my family and these days I am jumping at any excuse to hang out and share skills with the folks that frequent these gatherings.

Everyone in both classes finished their shoes and seemed really happy with how they turned out.

Both venues were excellent places to cross pollinate with other classes and other teachers.

I have a bunch of classes scheduled for this fall. check out my calendar.