It took 8 months but I finally feel settled into my new homestead in Barnardsville, NC. Since May I have dropped trees, cleared an old logging road, set up my outdoor bed, flattened the cabin and outdoor kitchen site, set the new locust posts, set up a yurt workshop, disassembled my cabin in Asheville, moved it 20 miles north, to Barnardsville, set it back up, and then finished the season building a wrap around deck.

The actual cabin moving took 12 days with a massive amount of help from my friends and one tractor (Thank you sweet friends!) The rain gods had a bone to pick with me and graced me with afternoon thunderstorms every single day starting as soon as I got my roof off. At one point my cabin looked like a miniature swimming pool with several inches of water; I’m looking for new wood flooring.

But thankfully the hard work is behind me. Now I get to enjoy living on the side of a mountain, in an amazing valley, surrounded by amazing forests and a wonderful community of friends. I still have big plans for a pop-out bedroom, an outdoor kitchen, a wood-fired hot tub, and many other projects but there is no urgency. I think I will sit for a while first.