Well, after a bit of an emotional, hard, and bumpy winter I am so appreciative to finally be back on top of my life and blazing forth with my newest passion; teaching shoe making classes. I just finished my 2nd class of the year (in Washington, DC. pictured above) and I leave tomorrow for my 3rd (at the John C. Campbell Folk School) In April I am teaching at Earthaven Ecovillage and then in May I get to teach right up the road from my new home in Barnardsville, NC just north of Asheville. And it just gets better! I will soon be renting a yurt to house my workshop and teach classes in. Once I have a real workshop there will be no end to the craziness I can dream up and offer to my community. If you are interested in shoe making classes please get in touch and let me know when you are available, my schedule is very flexible. Or, if you want to set up a class for me in your town I can come to you. Check out my shoe making page for more details.