Nature Connection

Many of us grew up in a world where we were told to go outside and not return until dinner. That time was full of exploration, growth, experimentation, overcoming obstacles, and building connections. Yet, most of today’s children don’t get to experience that level of freedom. So much more than play is happening during those times.

–Michael Ismerio

Deep Remembering – An Adult Earth Skills Immersion

A 9 month immersion into Nature-Connected Community

Led by Luke McLaughlin & Michael Ismerio

March – December of 2021.

One four day weekend + one bonus day per month.

Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina .


  • Feeling deeply at home in wild landscapes.

  • Embodying the skills and knowledge of your ancient ancestors.

  • Connecting and laughing with a local community of like-minded folks.

  • Creating hand-crafted tools resourced directly from the natural world.

  • Remembering yourself and your gifts and taking that home with you.

  • Laughing around a fire, sharing stories, and feeling joy with people you trust.

Tracking Group

Sounds great, but maybe you…

  • Think you don’t have enough “skills” to start learning.

  • Desire a deeper connection but you don’t know where to start.

  • Feel overwhelmed by the current state of the natural world.

  • Are surrounded by people, but still feel alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is support. Together, with the Earth, we can remember who we are.


In DEEP REMEMBERING, you will get…

  • A comprehensive and holistic approach to earth-based survival, healing, and community.

  • 10 months, each with a 4 day intensive course

  • A community that can support and witness you & your process.

  • Nutritious, local and wild food served during class times.

  • Tools to help you understand your trauma and how to help regulate your nervous system

Tracking Group

Primitive Tool-Kit

Each student will end their year with a complete, student made, hunter-gatherer tool-kit, which will include:

  • Tanned deer hide

  • Spear thrower (Atalatl)
  • Djo staff

  • Local plant medicine

  • Woven Willow basket

  • Stone tools (arrowheads, scrapers, etc)

  • Edible, local plant knowledge

  • Friction Fire sets made from landscape

  • Bone needles and awls

  • Small buckskin pouch

  • Tree pitches and glues

    Each piece will be held in ceremony and created with intention for the personalized and unique growth of the student.

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Forest Floor Youth Programs

Forest Floor Wilderness Programs was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing the Asheville area with nature-connection mentoring programs designed to re-connect youth and adults with the natural world, while also serving as a hub around which nature-based community can form.​​

Young man looking at hickory horned devil caterpillar in foreground

As of June 2018 I am now the Co-Director of Forest Floor.

Forest Floor offers youth summer camps as well as spring & fall programs at several locations in the greater Asheville area.

Learn more at

Bird Language

Bird Language – Entering the Secret World of Birds

  • Have you ever wondered what birds say to each other?
  • Did you know that you can learn to interpret the sounds, silences, and behaviours of birds and many other animal species?
  • Would you believe that you too can learn this skill with a little practice and attention?

Check out these free videos of Clint Corley and myself sharing how to get started down the path to greater awareness.