Nature Connection

Many of us grew up in a world where we were told to go outside and not return until dinner. That time was full of exploration, growth, experimentation, overcoming obstacles, and building connections. Yet, most of today’s children don’t get to experience that level of freedom. So much more than play is happening during those times.

–Michael Ismerio

Forest Floor Youth Programs

Forest Floor Wilderness Programs was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing the Asheville area with nature-connection mentoring programs designed to re-connect youth and adults with the natural world, while also serving as a hub around which nature-based community can form.​​

Young man looking at hickory horned devil caterpillar in foreground

As of June 2018 I am now the Co-Director of Forest Floor.

Forest Floor offers youth summer camps as well as spring & fall programs at several locations in the greater Asheville area.

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Wild Leaders Adult Immersion

Calling all protectors, stewards, warriors, caregivers, and keepers of the earth!

Have you been hearing
the call of the wild?

Are you excited to be a
leader in positive change?

Are you ready to join with others
on this astounding journey?

Tracking Group

A Journey into Deep Nature Connection, Culture Design & Authentic Leadership

We are training a new generation of nature-connected leaders capable of responding to the unknown challenges that lay before us.

For a full day each week we will turn off our phones and computers and live close to the land. Following the cycles of nature, we’ll connect with the earth, with ourselves, and with other supportive, passionate humans. Packed with 30 weeks of earth-centered, carefully crafted, experiential & relational learning, this program will empower you to become a potent, connected leader for positive change in our world.

Tracking Group

Your in-depth journey to becoming a Wild Leader includes:

An entire day of connection, once a week. In the morning, we will gather, sharing gratitude and focusing our minds and hearts on the tasks of the day. We will work, play, create, sing, share, laugh, explore, learn skills, and relate with each other and the land. The trees, trails and streams themselves will be our teachers. As the sun is high above we will follow the animals’ lead into a state of rest and introspection. In the evening, around the fire we will greet the darkness, share food, and tell stories intended to inspire, teach, and motivate.

The next Wild Leaders Immersion begins Sept. 2020.

Bird Language

The Secret World of Birds: Spring Bird Language Workshop Series

Unlock the secrets of the forest by learning what the birds are saying. Join us as we open the door and step into an entirely new world.

In this fun and multi-faceted course you will gain a solid foundation in Bird Identification and Bird Language. Find out what our avian friend can tell us about our environment and ourselves.

This is an active, all-weather, outdoor experiential workshop. Come ready to have fun and play! There will be access to a covered barn/pavilion, but bring a rain jacket and be prepared to be out in the elements.

Topics & Activities will include:

  • Fun Physical Games​
  • Discover the 5 Voices
  • Mysterious Corvids
  • Bird Ecology and Habitat
  • Interpreting Behavior
  • Awareness Activities
  • Advanced Bird ID Techniques
  • ​Observation Exercises​