Spring hit today, March 16, in Bloomington, Indiana, my new home of eight days. The Red Maples were the first to blossom; little red nubs of color amidst the gray tree line. The Robins and Cardinals have been singing for days. It reached sixty degrees today and everyone was outside. Bloomington is a small town and you see everyone you know out on the streets; a trait that lured me here. I just spent twenty five months on the road, traveling all over the US, three months in South America, and a little bit in Canada. I’m exhausted and ready to settle down. I’m ready to have a home, a room, a kitchen, a community… People ask why Bloomington? The short answer is that I like the people. People are friendly here, real friendly. That makes it easier to be the new kid in town. And the music! There seems to be way more musicians here than most towns this size. I’m calling my first public square dance here this Friday with the hopes of making it a monthly dance. So far the odds seem good.