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Old Time Fiddle Lessons

Are you ready to…

– Grow your confidence as a musician… even if you’ve never played before

-Play music that makes listeners want to dance

– Learn and remember any fiddle tune

– Experience the excitement of jamming with others

– Build a solid foundation for understanding fiddling and old-time music

– Have the guidance of a mentor along the way… while finding that learning is fun!

My name is Michael Ismerio,

and I offer the tools and guidance you need

to learn, play, and enjoy old-time fiddling.

Fiddle teach Michael Ismerio playing fiddle outdoors

Michael Ismerio Old-time fiddle music teacher Asheville, NC



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Access my 40 instructional fiddle videos that focus on the mysteries of bowing and rhythm.

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Individualized support on your fiddling journey. Taught online or in a private space in Asheville or Weaverville, NC.  Includes access to my instructional videos.

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Whether you’re brand-new to fiddling or have been at it for years, I’ll create a safe and welcoming learning environment for you to move forward on your journey toward being a confident musician.


For 15 years, I’ve found purpose and satisfaction in helping my students to build their confidence as members of a musical community. I understand how people learn, where they get stuck, and what tools will keep them progressing.

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When I stepped into my first fiddle lesson with Michael, I had no idea that I’d go home that night and be able to play a tune. He is patient, intentional, and thoughtful. His approach to teaching bowing is exactly the foundation needed not only to learn his curriculum, but also to pursue further self-guided exploration. He is an excellent fiddle teacher, and I’d recommend him to anyone!

Shane, Fiddle Student

Michael’s classes and lessons have been life-changing for me. He introduced me to old-time fiddling and broke down the intricate rhythmic bowing patterns which are so essential to getting the correct sound. It provided me with the foundation I needed to be able to jam. He makes it very easy to learn!

Julie, Fiddle Student

Michael provides a warm, safe, non-threatening environment and his flexibility allows me to drive my own learning direction and pace. If you’re on the fence about learning the fiddle, Michael is the guy to help you do it . Take the leap. You’ll love it!

Meg, Fiddle Student

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