A wise friend recently shared these words that really struck a chord with me: “It feels like a radical expression of hope for a conscious person to choose to have a child in this time.”

The co-creation of the Wild Leaders Adult Immersion, my most ambitious offering to the world to date, is my radical expression of hope. A hope for a future where humans view themselves as one with nature rather than above it. A hope that the nature-connected leaders of tomorrow will have a positive impact. And a hope that we are handing future generations a viable planet.

This immersion is a 9 month journey into Deep Nature Connection, Culture Repair, and Authentic Leadership, all of which are near and dear to my heart. Once a week a small group of participants, along with Luke Cannon, Sara Callaway, NikiAnne Feinberg, Clint Corley, and myself, will come together to support each other on our quest to be fully alive and fully human.

I invite you to support this dream by checking out the website, spreading the word, joining us in this immersion, or supporting others to be on this journey.